Tuition Information & Rates


Tuition is necessary to guarantee the continuation of the high quality education that St. Andrew School  provides.  Tuition costs at St. Andrew School for the 2019-2020 school year are as follows: 1st child-$4,760, 2nd child-$4,030, 3rd child-$3,135, 4th child-$775. Per pupil cost for non-parishioners is $6,500.  Tuition may be paid in one of two ways: pre-paid by June 22nd or through the FACTS banking program (automatic monthly withdrawals).

The Monthly Tuition Payment Program and the high numbers of parents prepaying tuition, result in favorable cash flow for the parish.  Tuition payments, however, account for about one-half of the cost of educating each student.  The balance is subsidized by St. Andrew Parish and other supporting Catholic parishes.  St. Andrew Church, as a parish community, remains committed to excellence in Catholic education.  St. Andrew School’s budget is over $1,700,000.


Non-Parish Tuition is the tuition charged to families who do NOT belong to a supporting Catholic parish or do NOT meet their parish standards as a “contributing member”.  If, for any reason, another parish refuses to pay its share of that student’s tuition subsidy, the student’s family is charged the Non-Parish Tuition rate for tuition.

Payment Methods

There are two payment options available for payment of tuition, whether it is the Non-Parish Tuition or the Participating Tuition.  The first payment option is to pay the amount of tuition in full so that the school or parish office receives it no later than 1:00 p.m., June 22 of the given year.

The second payment option is through the monthly tuition payment option.  Saint Andrew School will be using FACTS Tuition Management as part of our payment service available to you.  The FACTS fee to manage deferred tuition payments is $45.00 per family, regardless of the number of students.  Information on the program can be obtained through the school registrar or the parish office.

Whether tuition is prepaid or paid through the Monthly Tuition Payment Program, the first payment is due during the month of July.  If no payment has been made by that time, the student will not be admitted to St. Andrew School for the school year unless parents have made special arrangements with the pastor or principal.

Delinquent Accounts

Under the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan the school family will immediately incur the fines for delinquent payments as a a bank fee for non-sufficient amount check.  The fees can be very costly to the family.


Students who, without good cause, withdraw from St. Andrew School after the start of the school year will be charged for the remainder of the school year for which the student is enrolled.  The only exceptions to this policy are withdrawals due to impairment of the student which results in the student becoming physically unable to attend St. Andrew School, relocation of the student’s family out of the greater Columbus area, or on the recommendation of the school administration.  In those instances, tuition is charged through the end of the month in which withdrawal occurs.  This policy also applies to partial refunds of prepaid tuition.  As stated during registration, and is stated on the registration form, the registration fee is non-refundable.

Financial Aid

To a limited extent, financial assistance is available for school tuition through the Catholic Diocese of Columbus Board of Education Tuition Assistance Program.  Applications to the diocese are required to be submitted no later than March 15 each year for the following school year.  Applications are available on line at  Since all parochial schools participate in this program, there are a limited number of “grant-in-aid” awards.  In addition to this program, St. Andrew School also has an aid program to supplement the Diocesan Education Tuition Assistance Program.  The pastor retains the authority to grant tuition assistance to families who are faced with a financial emergency or other special needs

Applications are in “triplicate” form and cannot be accessed on this website.


Tuition Rates for 2019 – 2020

Non-Parishioner Participating Parishioner* Early Bird Participating Parishioner
1st Child $ 6,500 $ 4,760 $ 4,610
2nd Child $ 6,500 $ 4,030 $ 3,880
3rd Child $ 6,500 $ 3,135 $ 2,985
4 or more Children $ 6,500 $ 775 $ 625

*Families may be participating members of St. Andrew Parish or any other subsidizing parish.

Instructions for Tuition and Re-registration

Tuition Payment Option Form for parish members 2019-2020

Tuition Payment Option Form for non-parish members 2019-2020