Why St. Andrew for Your Child?

School Philosophy
The primary purpose of the Catholic School is to assist parents in handing down the meaning of our faith from one generation to another. The task of imparting education belongs primarily to the parents, but it requires the help of society as a whole. St. Andrew School accepts the role to carry the word of Christ to all people. We are committed to the development of the whole person in the image of God.

St. Andrew School accepts students who desire an education founded upon the principles of Jesus Christ. We promote respect, cooperation and mutual support among all members of the community.

A fundamental goal of St. Andrew School is to provide an education which offers students a wide range of opportunities that encourage different learning styles and are responsive to the needs of the whole child. St. Andrew School provides an education in religion, academics, and the arts, but also moral and social attitudes necessary for each individual’s personal fulfillment. Students are made aware of their unique gifts and talents and are encouraged to share these with others in the parish and global communities.

The success of our mission is achieved through a collaborative effort among staff, teachers, parents, students, alumni, business leaders, community members and clergy. The Christian atmosphere is of the utmost importance to the existence of our school.

Courses of Study:

Health Course of Study

Math Course of Study

Religion Course of Study

Physical Education Course of Study

Music Course of Study

Language Arts Course of Study

Science Course of Study

Visual Arts Course of Study

Social Studies Course of Study

Library Curriculum Guide



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