Admission Policy & Guidelines

Priorities for Admission

In the admission of students to elementary schools, the recommended order or priority shall be as follows:

  1. Sponsoring Parish Families
    • children from families with children already enrolled
    • children now reaching school age
    • children from families newly moved into the parish whose children have been in Catholic schools where such are available
  2. Children from non-parish families with students already enrolled in school.
  3. Transfer students from other Catholic Schools:
    • from parish schools that are closing
    • from parishes not offering full programs, K-8
  4. Children of other parishes may be admitted, if on the basis of personal interview, the pastor or his designated authority judges the intent and motivation to be in accord with the highest ideals of Catholic education.
  5. Other student transfers (children of another faith) may be admitted if, on the basis of a personal interview, the pastor or his designated authority judges the intent and motivation to be in accord with the highest ideals of Catholic education.
  6. Parish school administrators are authorized to waive these priorities in favor of furthering racial integration.

Admission Forms

All parents must complete a registration form and pay a registration fee before a student will be admitted to St. Andrew School.  The registration fee in the amount of $300 is non-refundable, but is subtracted from the total tuition cost at the time the balance of tuition is due.  Additionally, the Catholic Diocese of Columbus requires all kindergarten students and new pupils complete a physical examination by a licensed physician for admittance to St. Andrew School.

Student Placement

Placement at St. Andrew School is based on meeting admission qualifications, recommendations from the student’s previous teachers, and any other recommendations and concerns that may be appropriate. Special learning needs, and emotional needs, for example, are considerations at the time of placement.  If parents have concerns about placement that need to be made known to the school, they must put their concerns and rationale for placement in writing, and submit it to the school administration (principal and registrar) the year prior to a student’s placement at the next grade level. The deadline for such written concerns is May 15th.

Admission Policy

Registration for St. Andrew School begins in January. Current families with children enrolled in the school are given first priority followed by St. Andrew parishoners and parishoners from other Catholic parishes. Children are required to be 5 years of age before September 30th to register for kindergarten and 6 years of age prior to September 30th to register for first grade.

Registration documentation needed for each student include: a copy of the child’s birth and baptismal certificates, a copy of the child’s social security card and updated immunization records, a copy of any applicable court documents regarding custody of the child and a $300 registration fee that is applied to tuition.

A screening takes place in April for all incoming kindergarteners. These students will be notified of  the specific date and time as it approaches.


In accordance with Catholic Diocese of Columbus  Regulation No. 5119.1, “Guidelines for Admission to Catholic Schools”, the following is in effect for St. Andrew School:

  • The basic purpose of Catholic school is to assure that Catholic truths and values are fully integrated with the student’s life and academic program.  Students should not apply unless they desire and intend to participate as fully as possible in the religious program of the school.  If Catholic school should accept transfer of students from public schools either to avoid inconvenience, e.g., that of busing to other neighborhood school or to magnet schools, or to avoid integration itself, they would violate their own principle and damage community efforts to foster the common good of our city, state, and nation.
  • Catholic schools should emphasize the broadening and enriching educational opportunities afforded in culturally and racially mixed situations.
  • Catholic school should continue and, where needed, intensify their efforts to recruit teachers and enroll students to achieve integration while maintaining the Catholic character of the school.


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