School Advisory Board

The St. Andrew Parish School Advisory Board is an advisory body that provides counsel and advice to the Principal and Pastor regarding certain issues affecting St. Andrew School and with assistance organizing and implementing programs and special initiatives.  It is subject to regulations from the Catholic Diocese of Columbus.

There are 9 elected members on the Board and each member serves a 3 year term.  In addition, the Board is comprised of the following ex-officio, non-voting members: Pastor, Principal, Director of Religious Education and Teacher Representative.  Meetings are held once a month (August – June) at 7:00 p.m. with a special planning session in July.  Board members are also responsible for serving on various committees and assisting outside of the Board and committee meetings to accomplish Board initiatives.

Elections are conducted each year in the spring.  Any registered parishioner of St. Andrew Parish who is 18 years of age or older, or any parent or legal guardian of a student enrolled at St. Andrew School is eligible for election to the Board and eligible to vote in the election of Board members.

Requests for matters to be placed on the Board’s meeting agenda must be received in writing by the Board president 10 days prior to the next Board meeting.

School Advisory Board Application


School Advisory Board Members

Jim Galvin – President Kenny Jones – Vice President Beth Kelly – Secretary
Mark Haemmerle – Treasurer Michael Probst Carol Fisher
Mari Kay Dono Gil Gradisar Nicole Pickney
Jen Wallace – Teacher representative Joel Wichtman, Principal Suzie Emsweller, Assistant Principal
Msgr. Moloney, Pastor

Phone numbers and email addresses for school advisory members can be found in the school directory or the student handbook.


Meeting Minutes: