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Home & School Association
The St. Andrew Home and School Association (aka HASA) supports the school by volunteering time to classroom activities, providing financial support to classroom curriculum and implementing school community programs and events. HASA, (similar to PTO), is the primary parent facilitated group in the St. Andrew School Community. Its members are parent volunteers who work with the school to enrich the lives of students, their families, teachers, and staff. For more information see a glimpse of what we do below or contact one of the 2017/2018 HASA co-Presidents, April Bush at aprilmariebush@gmail.com or April Rubino at arubino501@gmail.com.

  • Executive Committee

    Executive Board                                   Name                                     Email
    President                                               April Bush                              aprilmariebush@gmail.com
    Co-President                                         April Rubino                          arubino501@gmail.com
    Vice Co-Presidents                              Jen Wenzke                           jenwenzke@gmail.com
                                                                  Mai Corso                               maitaicorso@aol.com
    Room Parent Chair                              Adrienne Pietropaolo             adpietrop@gmail.com
    Vice Room Parent Chair                      OPEN
    Recording Co-Secretaries                   Jennifer Monnin                    jenniferlmonnin@gmail.com
                                                                  Christine McKnight              cpmcknight@gmail.com
    Treasurer                                              Betsy Stewart                         stewiam@hotmail.com
    Treasurer Elect                                     Jen Blatt                                 jenniferblatt@yahoo.com
    Advisor                                                  Monica Waller                       mwaller@lanealton.com
    Advisor                                                  Carol Wildermuth                 carolwildermuth@gmail.com

  • HASA Huddles

    We invite and encourage you to come to our HASA Huddles where we meet once a month to go over upcoming events and brainstorm ideas with everyone. Great time to meet people and see who’s doing what for our kids and school. We meet in the Multipurpose Room on the second Monday of every month starting at 6:30 PM and meetings last around an hour. (Date, Time & Place subject to change) Questions regarding the meeting, please contact April Bush aprilmariebush@gmail.com or April Rubino at arubino501@gmail.com.

Additional information about some of our programs and activities:

  • PEER PALS: This committee pairs all new students with a “pal” in his/her class to help ease the transition to St. Andrew School. The “pal” will show the student around, eat lunch with him/her, play at recess and introduce the new student to classmates.
  • GET AIR PARTIES: These parties are held twice a year, fall and spring. It’s a great time for kids to skate or jump while the parents socialize. Fun for the whole family!
  • SOCIAL COMMITTEE: The planning of refreshments and light snacks for any Home and School activity is this committee’s function. Activities such as the New Parent meeting and School Supply Volunteer lunch are just a few of the places you can enjoy the work of the Social Committee.
  • USED UNIFORM SALE: This committee organizes the sale of gently used uniforms at the School Supply Sale and during the year. Donations of gently used uniforms can be dropped off in the bin across from the school office.
  • BIRTHDAY CLUB: This committee remembers each student’s birthday during the school year with a gift certificate to the Viking Vault and for Rita’s Italian Ice. Students with summer birthdays will receive their gift on their half birthday. In addition, Students can find their name “in lights” on the school cafeteria bulletin board during their birthday month.
  • BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION: Please drop off your unexpired Box Tops to the school office, send them in with your child to give to the teacher, or drop them off in the Box Tops box in the church parlor. Committee members will check expiration dates, count and send box tops to earn money for St. Andrew School.
  • KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS: Did you know you can earn tuition credit and help raise funds for St. Andrew Home & School just by enrolling your Kroger card in the Kroger Community Rewards Program? Go to www.krogercommunityrewards.com to register your card for our organization ID 80972. Submit your rewards balance each quarter and committee members will calculate and send you your tuition credit to deduct from the following years tuition.
  • SCRIP: You can also earn tuition credit and help raise funds for St. Andrew Home & School by purchasing gift cards from Scrip for retailers such as Giant Eagle, Lowes, Target and others.  You can even use Scrip gift cards to pay for hotels and airfare. Contact April Bush to register or register online at https://www.shopwithscrip.com.
  • DIRECTORY: This committee is responsible for publishing a listing of the families of St. Andrew School children who have agreed to have their information in print. The directory includes: last names, parents’ names, address, phone number, email address, child’s name, and child’s homeroom. Also, in the directory is a list of teachers, room parents, all Home & School committee chairs, and directions to surrounding schools used for sporting events.
  • CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK: This committee plans activities for Catholic Schools Week.
  • MEMBERSHIP: This is an excellent opportunity to get involved with Home & School by becoming a member of the Association. Membership is $30 and includes a copy of the St. Andrew School Directory. Your payment of membership dues is very much appreciated and helps kick start the year!!
  • VIKING VAULT: The St. Andrew School store is located in the cafeteria lobby and is stocked with school supplies and fun novelty items for your child to purchase.


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