National Assessment of Educational Progress tests reveal that Catholic school students perform significantly better in reading, math and science than their public school peers (National Catholic Educational Association). Catholic students in Catholic high schools, compared to Catholic students in public high schools, attend church more, place a higher value on religion, have a more positive outlook on marriage and family, express more concern for other people, and more often express a belief that they will graduate from college (The Heart of the Matter:  Effects of Catholic High Schools on Student Values, Beliefs & Behaviors, NCEA).

With this in mind, St. Andrew School provides an extensive and diverse range of course study options that are developed by central Ohio Catholic school teachers, approved by the Office of Catholic Schools Diocese of Columbus and meeting/exceeding State of Ohio educational requirements. For more information regarding the courses of study, visit the Office of Catholic Schools website or follow the links below for specific course information:

In accordance the The Common Core State Standards (CCSS), St. Andrew School has adopted the standards for both math and english/language arts.

Standards for Mathematical Practice, which include important processes and proficiencies in becoming mathematicians, are present at all grade levels. The CCSS for math are:

  • focused, i.e.: there are fewer standards at each level allowing students to go deeper in an area, and
  • coherent i.e.: each level’s rigorous and critical ideas are built upon the previous level’s rigorous and critical idea
  • internationally competitive and incorporate research-based practices towards true mathematical understanding.

For more information about CCSS, frequently asked questions and specific details for each grade, visit the Common Core State Standards Initiative  or the Ohio Department of Education website or watch a series of videos about the Common Core State Standards

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